Music Matters
Back in the nineties I created a lot of essays all loosely joined by A being about music B memoir related and C pertaining to how place affects creating music and how one listens. A mixed memoir called "Music Matters". Much of it I would heartily disown now , but not all - and who am I to judge now that the work is done, anyway? So I am resolved to dripping out the essays over the next few months, often without comment, sometimes with.
Geoffrey Armes
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Guitar Improvisation
Geoffrey Armes - 2020-10-30 12:37:01+01:00

I need to see you again

like yesterday

it's like you are the lifebuoy

in all this turmoil of troubled water

I cling to you

you are the guide

I need the ocean to wash over me

as I grasp for where you stand

I will pour out for you

but I'm lost away in muddy sand

clarify the sensations

please reach for me with your hand

October 2015 Berlin