Music Matters
Back in the nineties I created a lot of essays all loosely joined by A being about music B memoir related and C pertaining to how place affects creating music and how one listens. A mixed memoir called "Music Matters". Much of it I would heartily disown now , but not all - and who am I to judge now that the work is done, anyway? So I am resolved to dripping out the essays over the next few months, often without comment, sometimes with.
Geoffrey Armes
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2011 On Registering as a Berlin Resident
Geoffrey Armes - 2020-10-15 01:42:27+02:00

so this is some act of faith a little death again before a death

this discarding of possession place casting off what is hopefully extraneous to requirements

watching myself

in an office wait after the waiting room of that hotel I wait again

is this courage or foolishness we leave stagnancy for sure step into the flow looking for the paddle still

nearer home for sure

and maybe that is the most important thing of all

and I don't have anything really relevant to say to you even as I expect you to afford me into your daily expectations

there's a sign that tells me or asks rather, do I know that there are more nightingales in Berlin than in the whole of Bayern?

Berlin March 2011